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Welcome to AURIN™ - Austrian React Interface

AURIN-USB-multiple socket outlet with internal light
switch anything on and off whenever you like,
easy and comfortably from your Computer /Smartphone:

Turn on every single socket of the 8 multiple socket outlet
individual, they can be switched on and off directly as
required, comfortable handling of appliances that
have no on/off switch or are placed in an
awkward place.

switch the master device on/off - for
example PC connected to socket 1 and
at the same time the free definable
slaves e.g. monitor in socket 3 and
printer in socket 7 autom. are switched
on/off, while the wireless mouse is connec-
ted to socket 2 and stays on to charge the

per socket there are 3 timers for each day,
daily and Mo-Fr. Set timer 1 for your ISDN phone -
connected to the socket 5, for example Mo-Fr from
7:30 until 00.30 AM, but on Sunday you want to sleep a
little bit longer, you set timer 2, to turn it on at 10 AM
and off at 11 PM, the TV light plugged into socket 8 is turned
on at 8 PM and off at 11 PM, your mobile phone connected to socket
6 is charged form 4 AM to 7 AM there are complex circuits with one multiple socket outlet possible.

Create complex profiles that can be activated with a click and activate the required sockets

extend the life span of your appliances

save electricity - deactivate standby devices

In your private life:
Put into practice-the electricity free bedroom, or night light on from 19:00 to 22:00 in the childrenīs room, limit the TV time... In your absence e.g. when you are on holiday set your lights to switch on and off to simulate your presence.....

Accessories: external remote control to set/program without PC.

In business:
Telephone, fax, answering machine, motion detector can be set on timer.. Shop windows: different lighting according to time of the day..

Reset switch
In case of a programming error or when you are without a PC and would like to switch on the sockets, the Aurin multiple socket outlet can be set back to its initial state by using the reset button. The reset button if pressed briefly once causes that all 8 sockets and the internal light is switched on, then if the reset button is pressed briefly once causes it to return to the programmed setting and so on 4 seconds pressing the button causes a reset and deletes all programmed settings and switches all 8 sockets on.

Internal rechargeable capacitor
if the multiple socket outlet is switched off, or unplugged, or if there is a power cut, the internal clock works and settings are saved up to 34 days by a internal rechargeable capacitor, and is recharged within minutes of being connected.

all rights reserved-Copyright: Geyer GmbH Vienna Patent USA Nr.6811444, Europe Patent Nr.1524735
  Aurin is a registered Trademark